Andy Andrews

Some friends of mine recommend two books to me one day after telling them about wanting to take an adventure on personal growth. The books are called “The Noticer” and “The Travelers Gift” both written by motivational speaker Andy Andrews. Now if you have never read any of Mr. Andrews book I highly recommend you read them. The first book “The Noticer” is about how Andy started out. It talks about how he lost his parents at a young age and from there went down hill. Before he knew it he was homeless, living under a pier. One day he met a fellow by the name of Jones. Jones is a man who tells it like it is and does not accept excuses. He shows Andy that in order to get out of the situation that he is in right now he has to take responsibility for his actions and put in some hard word. A reluctant Andy follows Jones instructions and slowly he starts seeing changes in his life. By the end of the book you get to see the life that Andy created for himself by opening his mind and accepting a new reality.

The second book is “The Travelers Gift”. This book is about a man who went from having a high powered job and position to working in a hardware store at minimum wage. With his daughter sick, no health insurance, bill collectors calling, and a car keeps breaking down the stress starts to get to him. One day after getting fired from his job at the hardware store, he decides to go for a drive. While driving he takes an exit and decides that the best thing for his family would be if he died in a car crash. So flooring it he keeps the car straight and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes though he finds himself in a very peculiar place, the snow and his car gone. He ventures through history talking to different influential people and receiving the seven secretes to success.

The last thing I want to talk about is Andy Andrews as a motivational speaker. I have got to see Andy Andrews once speaking and I can honestly say I can not wait until the next time I get to see him again. He brings an energy that makes you want to jump up and down and he is sincere in what he is talking about. He is one of the most interesting person that you will get to see. Andy Andrews has more books than just the two I talked about but those are the ones that I have read so far but I am looking forward to reading more of his fantastic work. 

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